These are some testimonials from customers who want to share their experience with our product.

Al Schackman & Monica Miller

Please thank Mr. Crowe for supplying Habitat for Humanity of Martha's Vineyard with our Authentic Roof.

Al Schackman & Monica Miller - Lees verder...

Clay Dingman

Your synthetic slate looks incredible and is the talk of this town right now (we rehabilitated the main house over the past couple of years and the new roof is the crowning final part of it)

Clay Dingman - Lees verder...

Clement M. Messere

The professional service and support you have provided us have been first class.

Clement M. Messere - Lees verder...

Harvey Sorum

Authentic Roof slates still black after 10 years!

Harvey Sorum - Lees verder...

James A. Record, M.D.

I wanted to let you know that we are about 95% finished shingling our roof with your Authentic Roof shingles (Galveston Grey) and are more than pleased with the outcome.

James A. Record, M.D. - Lees verder...

Jim Creeggan

The Authentic Roof Tile that was installed on my house has been successful in a number of ways.

Jim Creeggan - Lees verder...

Mr. Crowe: WOW!

The roof is amazing! What a product!

Mr. Crowe: WOW! - Lees verder...

Paul and Marjorie Johnson

Mission accomplished! Now that we are entering the third year with our Authentic Roof we are pleased to conclude that it has accomplished everything we had hoped for.

Paul and Marjorie Johnson - Lees verder...

Rosa Lee Pack

Just a note from my desk to tell you how "happy" we are with our new Authentic Roof. Believe it or not, I really did kiss the first shingle that went on our roof! It has installed just as easily as you said it would. The color (Galveston Light Grey) is "BEAUTIFUL".

Rosa Lee Pack - Lees verder...

Stan and Marg

Marg and I are absolutely happy about our new Authentic Roofing "slate" roof. It certainly enhances the overall architectural appearance of our "Victorian-era" house, adding both curb appeal and durable value as well.

Stan and Marg - Lees verder...

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