Our Mission

At A2Z Polymers (2018). we firmly believe that all consumers should receive the best value for their dollar in any marketplace. We also believe that trust in business is solidified through value and that true value can only be demonstrated by the quality of the particular good or service that is being offered.

As the pioneer of the synthetic slate market, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions to the building and construction industries. Guided by this principle, we will continue to deliver genuine value to our consumers through nothing but the finest, top quality products. 

In all endeavors, A2Z Polymers (2018). will continue to conduct business in a manner that is consistent with its core values: Integrity, Quality, & Affordability. All of our operations will continue to encourage industrial growth, environmental leadership and the achievement of excellence.

Thank you for your interest in the world's finest roofing material.


Jimmy Crowe,
Executive Vice President

“Imitation is anemic; innovation is brilliance”.
Peace of mind can only be found in a product you can trust…

“The Original”
Authentic Roof

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